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  Driftwood       Pet Care

by curious me,

Driftwood Kennels is a wonderful place for pets to stay.  Our dog has always received superior care during his stay there.  They care for him there as if he was a VIP guest.  He always marched in wagging his tail, and the staff always treat him as if he were their own.  The owners live right on the premise, so your pet is never alone. Expect friendly care and superior professional service, and they will exceed your expectations.

by soxfan75

I would highly recommend Driftwood Kennels.  We had a negative experience with another kennel and turned to Driftwood.  They were very accommodating and encouraging regarding my needs.  I have a female German shepherd who is skittish and they took their time with her and worked with her at her pace.  They always encourage me, her and treat us as valuable customers. Thank you Driftwood... you are all amazing!!!

Testimonials - unsolicited

J. Livingston

I take my Conure Parrot to Driftwood, and the caring staff take such great care of him. I love that there are other birds with him , in the birdy section.

by James P.,

Driftwood is my Border Collie Cocoa's home away from home. The staff knows her by name, and she is never afraid to get out of the car when she gets there.  Cocoa is a handful for myself and my wife but the staff at Driftwood welcome her energy.  Cocoa comes home smelling April fresh because Driftwood also offers doggie bathing.  I think their great, if they weren't why would l bring a family member there.

by Jessie,

I love this place, very clean, the dogs always love going and the staff is wonderful!